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Investigations and Process Serving

We can provide you with the Investigation & Process Serving services below. If you have any questions or if you are unsure as to whether we can help, please feel free to contact us. We will always be happy to provide you with no obligation advice and cost estimates.

  • Financial Investigations / Status Enquiries
  • Matrimonial Surveillance and Enquiries
  • Service of Court and other documents
  • Tracing Individuals
  • Tracing Property
  • Statement Taking
  • Accident Investigation
  • Personal Injury Claim Enquiries
  • Criminal Defence Enquiries
  • Employee Absences
  • Conflict of Interest enquiries
  • Suspected theft by employees
  • Evidence Gathering
  • No obligation consultancy
  • Accident / Incident Scene Photographs and Plans

In Depth

Tracing Individuals and Property

With the internet and the increase in social media it may be possible for you to track people down yourself, but if you fail  it is probable that as an experienced tracing agent.

I know of places to look which you do not by making use of a combination of modern technology and old fashion investigation techniques.


Tracing enquiries are usually linked to debt recovery although there can be a wide range of other reasons why you may want to find someone which may include witnesses to an incident, inheritance beneficiaries, lost family and friends including birth parents, owners of property etc.

Debt recovery tracing enquiries will, where possible, incorporate enquiries into the debtor’s financial circumstances and their ability to repay what they owe. 

Witness tracing can also, where required incorporate the interview of and obtaining a written statement from the witness. 

Inheritance beneficiary tracing enquiries require a certain amount of care although compared with debtor tracing, the results are usually more pleasurable for the person being traced. As with all tracing enquiries I will work within an agreed budget and do not seek to take a slice of the inheritance.

Lost or estranged family and friends and birth parent tracing enquiries need very sensitive management and adoption enquiries must be handled in accordance with legislation. Should you wish to discuss obtaining confidential assistance, please make contact.

Property is sometimes apparently abandoned by its owners. It may include residential or commercial premises or personal belongings or business assets and there may be many reasons why no one appears to care for it or has been back for it. I can make the necessary enquiries with a view to locating the owner of property.

Property may sometimes be ‘hidden’ to try and prevent it being seized or to deny a spouse access to it in divorce proceedings. Whilst it is never easy to locate well hidden property there may be things I can do to assist.


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