Frequently Asked Questions

We can usually begin the work on the same day if urgent.
Our rates are very competitive, and we can provide a ‘no obligation’ estimate. We do not charge premium rates for unsociable hours, bank holiday or weekend working except for security guarding at double normal rates during bank holidays which is an industry wide norm. The business is VAT registered; therefore all charges will include VAT at the current rate.
Instructions are usually received and confirmed by email. We may ask you to sign an Authority to Act and agree to our Terms and Conditions.
We will usually invoice at the conclusion of the work although on extended pieces of work we may send an interim bill. New or unknown clients may be asked for an advance payment.
We are Bedfordshire based but we can provide a nationwide same day service.
We are an ‘on call’ business and are available operationally from Monday to Sunday including Bank Holidays. Our Control Room is staffed from early morning until late evening on weekdays and on Bank Holidays and Saturdays it is from early morning until mid-afternoon. Outside of those times calls and emails are dealt with by a duty manager.
Yes, we can. Our clients know we have a great work ethic and that we are capable of intelligent, independent thinking and a flexible approach. These qualities are sometimes needed to deal with dynamic situations, but supplementary instructions will be requested when required.
Absolutely. We pride ourselves on our informative written, and dependent upon the work, up to the minute reports and photographs we provide. This is partly because we are aware that clients may also be reporting to their clients who need to be kept informed of progress. If we recognise the need for additional work to be carried out, we will consult with clients and discuss the options.
Our Operational staff and Control Room colleagues are vetted and performance managed. They have, as a minimum, received work related field and classroom based operational, internal processes, use of equipment and basic legal training. In addition, we have an extensive suite of guidelines, policies and procedures linked to every area of our activities. They include, but are not confined to Corporate Social Responsibilities, Data Protection, Dealing with Confrontation, Diversity, Equality & Inclusion, Health, Safety & Risk Management and Safeguarding Children & Vulnerable Persons. If certification or a qualification is required to perform a role or activity, it will be in place. All partner contractors are similarly vetted before they are allowed to work with us.
We have fully documented Health & Safety, Audit, Management, Monitoring and Review of H&S Policies in place. As a responsible employer and service provider we take all aspects of Health & Safety seriously. Our approach during the pandemic was equally robust with a series of COVID protocols designed to match our legal obligations.
We are fully committed to CSR with a library of policies and processes which encompass all of its principles.
Yes, we are. We have full Employers, Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.
We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office and have various policies in place which ensure client confidentiality through our full compliance with Data Security and GDPR principles and requirements.
Just call us and ask, apart from respecting client confidentiality we are very happy to discuss our operation and offering.